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In June 2005, Zhenjiang Yijiang Chemical Co., Ltd. was established

In June 2007, Zhenjiang Shen-Ward Machinery Co., Ltd. was established

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In April 2021, Zhenjiang Yijiang Machinery Co., Ltd. was established

On July 2016, our company cooperated with Jiangsu University

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On July 2016, we held an unveiling ceremony in cooperation with Jiangsu University

On March 2018, customers came to inspect the factory to check the products

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2018 Customer Inspection and Testing Products Passed

On 31 January 2019, Sentry and Jardine hosted the 2018 Annual Meeting celebration

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On October 2019, the workshop completed 10 sets of large customised underframes for customers ahead of schedule

On 18 January 2020, Sentry and Jardine hosted their 2019 Annual Meeting celebrations

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On April 2021,Internal and external environmental refurbishment of the plant

May 2021 Large chassis carrying 80 tonnes per annum

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August 2022 Received bulk order for chassis from foreign customer

June 2023 Special Custom Chassis

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December 2023 Company moves into a new phase