Maintenance for tracked undercarriage chassis

tracked  undercarriage

1. It is recommended to carry out maintenance according to the maintenance plan.

2. The machine should be cleaned before entering the factory.

3. The machine needs to go through formalities before it is maintained,need the professionals to identify the equipment, check the state of the equipment and the technical state of the machine, so that need to write the maintenance project down, do a good job of the corresponding probability.

4. Make the equipment safe and secure.

5. According to the maintenance requirements of the machine, special maintenance personnel should be arranged, and the tools should be carefully selected. When disassembling the equipment, the disassembled parts should be put into a special basin and cleaned up before use.

6. Let the technical personnel to do a good job of undercarriage spare parts identification work.

7. For the newly purchased equipment accessories,need to identify the quality problems from the appearance, so as to ensure the accessories quality.

8. For the parts that need to be repaired, the staff needs to test, so as to ensure the quality of the parts.

The above is the undercarriage maintenance work in daily life, only by doing a good job of maintenance, can let the equipment be used longer.

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Post time: Feb-14-2023