Yijiang company can customize heavy construction machinery chassis

Heavy construction machinery is widely used in mining machinery, construction machinery, logistics machinery and engineering machinery,such as excavator/drilling rig/piling machine/mobile crusher/transport equipment/loading equipment and so on.heavy machinery

Yijiang Machinery company can customized steel track undercarriage for these machines.The tracked undercariage has the function of carrying and walking, and its carrying capacity is strong, and the traction force is large.

excavator crawl steel track undercarriage for engineering machinery


The belowing are the advantages of the tracked undercarriage:

1. The undercarriage is equipped with low speed and high torque motor travelling reducer, which has high passing performance;

2. The undercarriage frame is with structural strength, stiffness, using bending processing;

3. Good performance of the equipment, the use of track walking, can achieve in situ steering and other operations;

4. The track rollers and front idlers using deep groove ball bearings, which are lubricated with butter at one time and free of maintenance and refueling during use;

5.  All rollers  are made of alloy steel, in strict accordance with the process requirements, and after quenching treatment, good wear resistance, long service life;

6.  Four rollers are good assembly to ensure load bearing, assembly surface is all processed, the selection of tensioning device to ensure greater than the customer's load requirements.

Post time: Jun-07-2023