The introduction and applications of retractable tracked chassis

Yijiang Machinery company has recently designed and produced 5 sets of retractable chassis for customers, which are mainly used on spider crane machines.telescopic undercarriage

The retractable rubber track undercarriage is a chassis system for mobile devices, which uses rubber tracks as mobile devices and has retractable characteristics. The chassis system can adjust its width and length under different operating conditions to adapt to different terrains and environments. The retractable undercarriage has a hydraulic retractable device added on the basis of the ordinary chassis structure.

The retractable undercarriage is widely used in the following scenarios:

1. On construction sites, a retractable-width track undercarriage can adapt to different work space needs, especially when working in narrow or restricted spaces. It can be adapted to different roads, passages or construction areas by adjusting the width. 

2. Agricultural field: In the agricultural field, the retractable width crawler undercarriage can adapt to the needs of different crops. It can adjust the width to suit different crop row spacing or field path requirements without damaging the crops. 

3. Mining and Quarrying: Retractable width crawler undercarriage in mining and quarrying can adapt to different mining areas, especially on narrow or uneven terrain. It can adjust the width according to the width and terrain conditions of the mining area, improving the adaptability and maneuverability of mechanical equipment. 

4. Forestry and forestry: In the forestry and forestry sector, the retractable-width track undercarriage allows operation on narrow forest roads, steep slopes and rough terrain. By adjusting the width, it can make it easier for mechanical equipment to pass through narrow paths and travel on uneven terrain, improving work efficiency and safety. 

5. Swamps and Wetlands: In swamp and wetland environments, a retractable-width track undercarriage can provide a larger support area to reduce the risk of machinery becoming stuck in muddy ground. It adapts to slippery and unstable terrain conditions, providing increased traction and stability. 

In short, the retractable width crawler undercarriage has a wide range of applications in various fields. Its main advantage is its strong adaptability, and its width can be adjusted according to specific environments and needs, providing higher mechanical equipment adaptability and work efficiency.

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Post time: Sep-18-2023