What is the difference between crawler excavator and wheel excavator


Crawler excavator
Crawler excavator walking mechanism is track, there are two kinds of undercarriage: rubber track and steel track.

Advantages and disadvantages
Advantages: Because of the large grounding area, it is better to be in the muddy, wetland and other places where it is easy to swamp in,and because the excavator itself has a large weight, so it makes the excavator can go to a wide range of places. Besides, because the track are metal products, they can also be competent in mines or in harsh working conditions, and have strong off-road ability.
Disadvantages: Since the machine itself is heavy, the fuel consumption will greatly increase; walking speed is slow, within 5 kilometers per hour, and is not suitable for long-distance turnaround, or fuel will consumed; the operation is relatively complex, which needs to be mastered through long-term professional learning and practical operation. It has high requirements for drivers and high labor costs.

Applicable conditions
Soft, damp ground, such as mud, mire, swamp.

Wheel excavator
Wheel excavator walking mechanism is tire. Normally,choose the standard configuration  vacuum  rubber tire is fine, but in high temperature environment, solid tire performance is better, can cope with the harsher working environment.

Advantages and disadvantages
Advantages: Flexible, convenient turnaround, low fuel consumption, fast walking speed, small damage to the surface, rubber tires also have shock absorption buffer function; simple operation, quick operation, save labor cost.
Disadvantages: The machine weight and load is required to be limited when make sure to walk at the same time, as a result, the scope of use is narrow, mostly to road administration or urban engineering, can not enter the mine or muddy area.

Applicable conditions
Hard surfaces, such as concrete floor, roads, lawns.
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Post time: Aug-16-2022