criteria for undercarriage design

Four-wheel track  undercarriage chassis

The undercarriage performs both supporting and driving duties, Thus, the undercarriage should be designed to as closely as possible adhere to the following specifications:

1) A strong driving force is necessary to give the engine adequate passing, ascending, and steering capabilities when moving over soft or uneven terrain.

2) The primary engine has a higher ground clearance to enhance its off-road performance on uneven terrain under the assumption that the undercarriage height will remain constant.

3) The undercarriage has a large support area or a small ground pressure to improve the stability of the main engine.

4) Increasing the primary engine’s safety. when the main engine is descending a slope, there is no sliding or accelerated slope slip.

5)The undercarriage’s proportions must adhere to the standards for road transportation.

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Post time: Mar-16-2023